My Vision for Carrboro is Climate Resiliency and More Equitable Outcomes by Focusing on Community & Infrastructure

Hello, I’m April Mills and I’m ready to work for you on the Carrboro Town Council. I’ve served our community for 20 years and now it’s time to expand my civic responsibilities. This is because as Carrboro grows we must ensure there’s infrastructure to support it. We must also continue to honor and strengthen our diverse community and unique ecology. I know that together we can foster a thriving community that balances progress with environmental stewardship.

I will use my MBA to ask relevant questions and follow through to understand the cost and the benefit to the community. I serve on multiple non-profit boards and was named one of the Triangle’s top women in business. I collaborate professionally and I’m ready to work for you!

From climate resiliency to building the affordable housing fund WITHOUT raising taxes—I have new ideas on how to address our greatest challenges together. I aim to make sure that the Council is fully informed on every issue by including voices from all of Carrboro’s neighborhoods. Service and accountability are extremely important to me.

Watch How I Will Help Carrboro Plan for a Sustainable Future